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Project optimization clinic is a one-day on-site workshop to optimize either your project portfolio or project requirements. The purpose of the workshop is 1) to create a fully usable optimized case; 2) provide education on the OptiMix Solution and 3) education of the OptiMix process. Participants in the workshop will take away a methodology that will have lasting positive effect on judging projects and requirements. OptiMix is a collaboration tool to help executives and non-executives choose the best projects, features and functions to provide the maximum value at the least possible risk. OptiMix helps the organization pick activities that advance the corporate or business unit goals. Note 1: Depending on the number of projects or requirements you may be required to submit a file in advance for preparation of the workshop. International travel expenses are addition to the fee.

FEATURES: The workshop uses the OptiMix major design feature: collaboration. OptiMix is designed to be used in a conference or retrospective setting to promote meaningful discussion and decision-making. OptiMix uses the patented process of converting logical constraints into linear constraints. The key to the approach is relativity and research. Relativity; meaning the ROI and Risk assessments are based on the comparison to the items in the optimization case

  • Fully Usable Case
  • Alignment with strategic goals
  • Maximize ROI, Minimize Risk
  • Education on Optimization
  • Promotes Collaboration

About Todd Smith

I'm a well-rounded family man on a continual quest to be better at everything I do or want to be.
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